How Soon Can You Take A Bath After A Hysterectomy How Soon Can I Take A Bath After IUI?

How soon can I take a bath after IUI? - how soon can you take a bath after a hysterectomy

I had before my 4 IUI 6 days, and she told me not to take a bath after the surgery, but do not ask me stupid when I could have. So when can I take a bath after IUI? And above all you ask, I take a shower, but I prefer baths, and I'm looking forward to taking you to.


ally's wifey said...

Of course u can take a bath. I had my IUI on 15/11. My gynecologist referred me only for rest of at least 3 days in bed and sleep for a week (no heavy lifting). Good luck to you.

Starligh... said...

6 days is long enough, I think. The sperm usually takes between 1-7 days, so I think the swimmers are already here
Go ahead and take a bath! Do not try to fetch water, "since"
Although you will not already have an IUI bad water inside of you, so I think it will be OK

Good luck with your IUI 4 Hope has a Christmas BFP!

Fancy MJ said...

2-after 3 days

Trean said...

What is the meaning of IUI please tell me

ewb002 said...

I do not feel safe

tout petite said...

It would be better for you to communicate with the doctor and ask him. You want to risk anything!

good luck =]

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